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Technological advances have been made in all walks of our life.  However, the inventions that have changed the way we live, eat, work, study and holiday etc., are right inside our four walls. Imagine a world without the Ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, cooking range and dishwashers, not to mention garbage cleaning machines! The amount of free time these equipment have provided to mankind is immense.  It has allowed men and women to get out of the kitchen and spend quality time with their loved ones or pursue a hobby that’s close to their heart or socialize etc.

Buying an expensive home appliance is easy.  But when it gets stuck, life comes to a standstill because of our dependency on it.  Be it the washing machine, the dishwasher or even your good old refrigerator, ensuring that they are always maintained in spick and span condition is a very big task.  Added to this is the difficulty of finding reliable and qualified companies who can maintain and repair them and most importantly, do it at reasonable rate in Lakewood WA.

Does this look like a tall order? Rest assured we at Lakewood Appliance Repair have addressed this very issue and have set up fully functional maintenance and repair services which are world class in quality and reliability. We have dedicated team of experts who not only understand the intricacies of repair work, but have also been trained to understand the customer’s needs and expectations and most importantly, listen to them to provide the right solutions.

Appliance Repair Lakewood also provide a free estimate for the work that you are about to get done. This ensures that the services you are about to order not only fits your budget but also is fair and correct.  We provide transparency in our dealings to ensure that you pay only for what you ordered for and do not burden you with hidden costs. We also ensure that the spares we use are not only genuine, but come with warranty wherever applicable.

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One of the most annoying things about ordering a service for your home appliances is ensuring that the repair work gets completed on time and at your convenience. We built the reputation of not only being punctual in understanding your requirements, but also in carrying out the required repair work on agreed time. This is done without compromising on the quality of the work. 

Appliance Repair Lakewood offers flexible timings so that you don’t have to compromise on your other important work for the day. We also provide repairs and maintenance of all brands and our qualified and experienced experts will provide solutions that are tailor made for you.

Appliances need proper maintenance from time to time. Leaving the appliances unrepaired or without paying due attention can cause serious problems. It may result in short circuits, or even fatally damage the appliances completely. Years of experience has taught us that we must provide not only quality service at reasonable cost, but also help the customer to understand some of the important dos and don’ts as regards usage of valuable household appliances, so that unwarranted repair can be avoided in future.  Our helpful and experienced experts will be more than willing to share useful tips and information needed for you to have trouble free use of costly appliances.

Appliance Repair Lakewood WA offers different services at our company such as: dishwashers, ovens, clothes dryers, washing machines, Refrigerators repair and many more.

We can repair all the appliances that you might have at your home and that too efficiently. Our best ambassadors are our customers who not only come back to us but refer their friends and relatives about quality and reliability of the services offered by us.

We are open 24*7 and are eager to provide you the right service and solve all your problems associated with the appliances at home.  Lakewood Appliance Repair offers same day services for most of the calls that come by and in some cases; it will be done as soon as the problem is detected.  However, in case the problem is beyond repair as it might happen in some cases, we provide honest and alternate solutions as well.

So why wait?  Please pick up the phone and call our help line and experience the joy of getting the services of professionals who not only understand machines but equally well behaved so that you get best and courteous services at your door step for servicing all your household appliances.


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